Foundation    Information 

Federal Tax-Exempt Number: 86-3537029

Commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation Commission Identification Number: 11196043, incorporated March 19, 2021, Certificate of Good Standing signed March 31, 2021

Financial statements are available by request to MSG NICK SHEPERTY FOUNDATION at 1517 Eagle Glen Drive, Chesapeake VA  23322

Foundation Contributors: Hurricane Honor Trail Race, Project 33 Memorial Foundation, Whiskey Decisions Woodwork,   Memorial 3 Gun, Randolph Rose Collection, The John Schneider Family, The Ward Family, The Crowe Family, BenShot, She Sells Seashells from the Seashore


Mona Sheperty, Director

Gretchen Sheperty, Assistant Director

Anna Cherepnina, Board Member/Social Media

Mark Lehman, Board Member

Anthony Menas, Board Member

Brett Shannon, Board Member

Michael Contic, Board Member

Jonathan Park, Board Member