Each death of a service member while protecting our country is a tragedy.  Since 2006, more than 3600 military members have died in combat or as a result of wounds sustained in combat.  Their deaths are not only a significant loss to our country but have also caused an immense sense of loss to their family, loved ones, friends, and teammates. All of us should remember and honor them each day.  Since 2006, approximately 5500 military deaths have been the result of accidents.  These service members are also mourned by their families, loved ones, friends, and teammates. They, too, should be remembered and honored. Their deaths are a significant loss to our country as well.  Each set of circumstances shares a similar impact, resulting in hearts that have been splintered and a loss that may never heal.  These deaths, however, are also different.  Many of those who have died in training accidents are not recognized in the same manner as their brothers and sisters who died in combat. The Foundation's goal is to change this.  Initially, the Foundation will be working on establishing a memorial honoring and remembering those who have died in Freefall training accidents.  We hope to have the memorial completed next year and placed in Arizona.  After this endeavor, we hope to work towards honoring those who have died in other training accidents.  We look forward to your support.  

Check out our "HONOR AND REMEMBER" pages to learn more about these remarkable men.  Please submit the names of your military members to be honored and remembered here.  Include a biography, pictures, and stories we can share. We are beginning with Nick.